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Competition Bo Staff Training Video Released by John Bitting of Team Buki Yuushuu

Competition Bo Staff by John Bitting - Buki Yuushuu

Buki Yuushuu LLC – Manufacturer of Martial Arts Weapons, releases a new training video on its YouTube channel. The video was created by one of Team Buki Yuushuu’s members John Bitting. The video entitled “Bo Staff Training – Bo Staff Wind Up Technique Tournament Competition Tricking” can be found below. When asked why the release […]

New Spectrum Line of Bo Staffs, Kamas, Nunchaku, and Escrima Launches July 1st

Spectrum Nunchaku Four Colors - Buki Yuushuu

In the making of a separate online page specifically just for the new Spectrum Series of weapons, Martial Arts Weapons manufacturer “Buki Yuushuu LLC” has only made it easier for customers to find these new weapons. Buki Yuushuu has stated they been promoting these weapons at some tournaments now, and they have had some great […]

Buki Yuushuu Sponsors Martial Arts Weapons Grand Champions At Summer Spectacular

Summer Spectacular 2019 - Buki Yuushuu

Martial arts weapons manufacturer Buki Yuushuu will be attending the 12th Annual Summer Spectacular Martial Arts Tournament scheduled for June 29th in Saco, Maine. Martial artists, both young and old, will be displaying their expertise competing in this tournament. The tournament is Rated by the following organizations, I.P.P.O.N,E., W.O.M.M.A., and S.M.A.R.T. The latest information on […]

New Competition Bo Staff, Kamas, Nuchaku and Escrima Weapons Series Released

Competition Nunchaky - Buki Yuushuu

Buki Yuushuu LLC today announced the official launch date of its upcoming new design of Bo Staff, Kamas, Nunchaku, and Escrima. Rumors are already starting to circulate among observers, and die-hard fans within the Martial Arts Weapons world, as the ‘Live’ date of “The Secret Series” draws near. Buki Yuushuu LLC has also released three […]

Action Martial Arts Magazine Relaunched

Action Martial Arts Magazine Relaunch Banner - Buki Yuushuu

Buki Yuushuu LLC – Martial Arts Weapons Manufacturer, is proud to announce their collaboration with their friend, Grand Master Jose Torres – Publisher. Jose Torres is launching his brand new periodical, “Action Martial Arts Magazine.” The Magazine has just gone live and set to have several launch parties. The first launch party will be on […]