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Buki Yuushuu's Double-Ended Blade Kamas: The Viper Kama

Buki Yuushuu is a maker of custom handmade martial arts weapons located in the United States. One of their signature weapon designs is the double-ended blade kama known as the Viper Kama.

History and Design

The kama is an Okinawan weapon that originated as a farming tool used to cut crops. It consists of a short wooden handle with a single blade similar to a sickle. Buki Yuushuu took the traditional kama design and added a second blade to the opposite end, creating their unique double-bladed Viper Kama.

The Viper Kama has a short wooden or fiberglass handle measuring approximately 12-15 inches long, depending on the size chosen by the customer. Attached to both ends of the handle are curved blades that resemble sickles or claws. These blades are typically made of heat-treated 1060 carbon steel and then powder coated for protection and aesthetics (source: Buki Yuushuu).

Uses and Benefits

With blades on both ends, the Viper Kama offers martial artists expanded options for techniques compared to a traditional single-bladed kama. Some of the benefits of this double-bladed design include:

  • Increased attacking surfaces that allow for alternating strikes from either end without needing to re-grip the weapon between blows.
  • Improved blocking capabilities as the second blade provides extra surface area to deflect or parry incoming attacks.
  • Tricky maneuvers can be performed by twirling the kama by its handle to disguise the orientation of the blades.
  • Additional momentum and impact force is generated when both blades are in motion versus just one.

The lightweight yet durable construction of the Viper Kama makes it suitable for fast-paced training exercises as well as competitive kobudo (Okinawan weapons) tournaments. Its balanced design allows for complex spinning tricks that demonstrate martial skill.

Customization Options

Buki Yuushuu is known for offering customers a high degree of customization with their Viper Kama designs (source: Buki Yuushuu). Some of the customizable aspects include:

  • Blade colors: They provide a wide selection of powder coating colors to choose from. Popular options are solid black, blue, red, or camouflage patterns.
  • Handle materials: The handle can be made of wood or lightweight fiberglass in various finishes. Wood options include stained, painted, or carved designs.
  • Sizing: Blade and overall lengths are adjustable to suit different hand sizes or styles.
  • Personalization: Customers can add their name, initials or other text engraved into the handle.
  • Core materials: Different weighted cores like lead or tungsten can be installed to influence the balance and feel.

This extensive customization allows martial artists to design a unique Viper Kama that best matches their aesthetic preferences and training needs. No two kamas produced by Buki Yuushuu are exactly alike.

Tournament Performance

Due in part to their versatile design and high-quality construction, Viper Kamas from Buki Yuushuu have proven very successful in competitive martial arts tournaments. The website claims their kamas have "Won Tournaments!" and brags that no other brand offers more options for colors, styles, sizes and personalization for competition use (source: Buki Yuushuu).

Martial artists who have used Buki Yuushuu's Viper Kamas in kobudo forms or weapons divisions at tournaments have praised their balance and ability to withstand high-speed spinning or striking impacts without damage. The customized options also allow competitors to stand out from others using generic equipment.


In summary, the double-bladed Viper Kama produced by Buki Yuushuu is an innovative weapon design that has expanded possibilities for kama techniques within the martial arts. Through high-quality construction and a wide assortment of customization choices, these kamas provide a competitive and aesthetic edge for martial artists in training or tournament competition. Their unique twisting maneuvers and striking power from dual blades have proven effective both on and off the battlefield.