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When Dealing with Bo Staffs you Need to Know How to Select the Right Bo Staff Size?

If you like Bo staffs, it is essential for you to choose the one that suits your specific preferences and needs.

1. You need to decide if how will use the bo? Bear in mind that the demonstration requires various approaches from the strength/speed during the combat training. For beginners, you can seek help from your instructor or an experienced peer. This is also prior to the purchase of the bo staff.

2. You need to choose for the length that complements your personal use. If you are looking for a manageable staff, you need to choose for the shorter one. This is preferable during the demonstration. The longer staff also provides better extension to your reach and makes it better during the combat.

3. You need to grip the bo to its widest point. Once you made a strong firm fist, this only means that the width of the bo is just right.

4. The Bo comes in a variety of soft and hard woods, foams or rubber with or without coating. During the demonstration events, your key is also after looking good. This means that the lightweight bo is even better. This is because it allows for more control and speed.

When it comes to heavy weight staffs, this creates an improved strength and speed. Bear in mind that stick fighting causes damage. Rubber foam and soft woods are better options to avoid serious injuries.

5. It is best to use bo which is a bit shorter than you. If you stand tall as 5’9 inches, you can get 5’6 inches tall of bo staff. Most of the bos are available in “increments of 6 inches or ½ foot”. You can also purchase 6 feet bo and trim it off from the bottom to the top.

If the bo is taller than you, you will have a hard time doing the rotation and downward strikes. This is because the bo will make a ground contact. And thus, this can also be very frustrating.

What is a Bowstaff?

Bo staff is also known as joong bong, gun or kun. This is a very long and tall staff weapon utilized in feaudal and Okinawa Japan. This is typically 71-inch long and is utilized in Japanese martial arts such as bojutsu.

Other staff related weapons include of the jo staff which is 47-inch long and hanbo which is 35-inch long. Bo staff is usually made of a flexible wood or hard wood like red or white oak. Even though pine and bamboo may be utilized, it is still best to choose for a “rattan” for its flexibility.

This can be tapered in and is thicker in the center up to the end. This is usually circular or is round in shape. There are also some bos which are very light with metallic sides, grip and strips. These can simply be utilized for the XMA’s, competitions and demonstrations. The traditional bos were round square hexagon or octagon. The average size is usually 6 shaku and this is at around 6 ft or 1.8 m. This can be as long as 9 ft or 2.7 m.


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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Grip on Your Bo-Staff

The Bo Staff is a kind of weapon that has long been used. It is a powerful thing and so, there are also instances where people abused it. It is not only used in the world of martial arts for it can also be used in the real, specifically for self-defence. However, when you think deeper, you would realize that it is just a strong stick, so how can it be so powerful? Well, the power comes from the person using it and how strong their grip is. If you want to know more about the top 5 reasons on as to why you should use a grip on this staff, then continue on reading below.

1. To perform Jo Staff spinning techniques

Surely, during your bo staff training, you would be thought how to perform spinning techniques. However, it is a known fact that the said weapon is quite long and so, you might have a hard time controlling it. In some cases, when you don’t use a grip while you are using it, it might fly away from your hands, hurt the other people around you and even hurt yourself as well. Even the basic spinning techniques would require you to utilize the fundamentals of gripping.

2. To improve and develop your skills

Using the Bow Staff requires not only strength but great control and balance as well. Therefore, in order for you to further develop your skills in using it, you should definitely use a grip. By simply using grip and changing it repeatedly, you would surely get better and better in using it. You would be able to spin the bo without much problem.

3. Increases your chance of using more advanced weapon

Utilizing a bo staff not only involves having the correct stance while fighting an opponent. In fact, having and using the right grip is also as important as that. Why is that? This is because these two things are essential as they can contribute to the increase in your success rate when it comes to using weapons that are more advanced in the future. Gripping is just one of the most basic things you need to know about successfully using it.

4. To avoid dropping incidents

There are various gripping techniques that you could use. Regardless of what it is that you are currently using, all of them have the goal of reducing or avoiding dropping incidents. A Bo Staff is long and has weight as well and so, using a grip is indeed very important. Apart from that, when you have a comfortable grip, you would be able to perform tricks or movement as it can also provide you flexibility. When dropping incidents are reduced and avoided, you would be able to spare your trainer from being stressed out and you would be able to save yourself from embarrassment as well.

5. To protect yourself and block the opponent

Many people have come up with the decision of undergoing Bo Staff Training to be able to protect themselves. However, there are also some who considers using it a sport and in playing against an opponent. These two things would never be achieved if you have not used a grip on your staff. When you have a strong grip of it, you would not only be able to block the opponent for you would also be able to strike them effectively. Surely, nothing would go wrong if you use a grip.

Now, upon knowing the reasons on as to why you should use a grip on your Bo Staff, you probably might want to buy one. Well, if that is the case, you need not worry much as there are tons of Bo Staff for sale out there. You would not only be able to purchase them from land-based stores for you can also purchase them online and have it delivered right to your door. However, you should know that different people need to have a different staff and in order for you not to waste your money for it, ensure that you have purchased the right one. You can consider buying the one that is the closest to your height. Apart from that, if you were just a beginner, it would be best for you to go with the one with a thickness of 1” for it is much easier to handle. By doing so, nothing could stop you from using it to the fullest.

Where you can buy a BoStaff?

1. Online Stores: Simply search for the bo staff. You can also check out the Amazon or eBay stores as they offer all of the items at their reasonable prices. Bear in mind that the bo staff is an oversized item. You will need to pay for additional money prior to the shipment fee. This is simply because of the size and weight of the product.

2. Custom Made: If you prefer making your own, it is best to have someone with a good reputation in woodworking. You can make use of woods such as oak, bamboo and rattan.

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