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The Art of Dual Flying Kamas: Harnessing Speed and Reach

Buki Yuushuu is renowned for crafting unique martial arts weapons. One such innovation is their Flying Kama set designed for dual-wielding. This article explores the history, mechanics, techniques and benefits of wielding a pair of Flying Kamas connected by cord.

Diamond Plated Flying Kama - Buki Yuushuu

Origins of Dual Kamas

Kamas originated as Okinawan farming sickles. Over time, farmers incorporated self-defense and it evolved into a martial art weapon (source). Traditionally, kamas were used singularly or sometimes in pairs held separately.

Buki Yuushuu's Flying Kama design introduced a swiveling dual-blade mechanism. Their dual-cord set takes it further by connecting the pair, enabling new techniques. This marries ancient kama traditions with modern innovations for optimized combat effectiveness.

Prism Black Flying Kama - Buki Yuushuu

Mechanics of the Dual Cord Set

Each Flying Kama consists of a short wooden handle with two curved steel blades attached via swivels. Buki Yuushuu's set joins the handles with approximately 3 feet of durable nylon cord (source).

The cord allows the kamas to be wielded separately or together. It does not restrict blade movement yet keeps the pair linked, allowing various spinning maneuvers for continuous attacks.


Some techniques optimized by the dual cord design include:

  • Whipping strikes: Spin one kama to whip the other in wide arcs for increased reach
  • Figure 8 patterns: Weave an "8" with linked kamas to build momentum
  • Shielding: Spin kamas together to deflect multiple attackers
  • Trapping: Encircle opponents' limbs to control their movement
  • Disarming: Entangle weapons or dislodge them from grips
  • Benefits Over Standard Kamas

The dual cord set provides advantages for both training and combat:

  • Increased attack speed, frequency and reach versus single kamas
  • Centrifugal force amplifies impact when kamas are spun in unison
  • Complex tricks build dexterity, coordination and stamina
  • Cord never has to be re-gripped for fluid transitions between techniques
  • Confuses opponents by obscuring striking angles

Black Max Flying Kama - Buki Yuushuu


As with other Buki Yuushuu weapons, their dual Flying Kama sets can be customized in materials, blade colors/styles, weighted cores and handle engraving. This optimizes each set for an individual's size, style and aesthetic preferences (source).

In conclusion, Buki Yuushuu's innovation of connecting dual Flying Kamas with durable cord unleashes new dimensions in speed, power and technique beyond traditional single kama usage. Their high-quality customizable sets are ideal for martial artists to harness this dynamic weapon's full potential.

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