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The Origin of the Spectrum Scheme

Buki Yuushuu first launched the Spectrum color scheme over a decade ago to meet the needs of martial artists looking to infuse more creativity and self-expression into their gear choices. Prior to this, most weaponry came in basic black, wood, or metallic shades that blended in with traditional dojos.

The company's founders believed martial arts were as much about personal growth and discovery as technical mastery. They wanted to empower practitioners to reflect their diverse personalities through bolder color statements. The resulting Spectrum line introduced a palette of bright hues drawn from the full visible light spectrum.

Competition Nunchucks - Nunchaku - Buki Yuushuu
The Full Spectrum Palette

Today, the Spectrum scheme includes over a dozen vivid colors to choose from:

  • Red - A classic shade symbolizing passion and energy. Pairs well with styles like karate or kickboxing.
  • Orange - A sunny hue that adds warmth. Works for taekwondo, wushu, or upbeat training sessions.
  • Yellow - A bright, eye-catching shade evoking optimism. Suits kung fu, tai chi, or flow-based arts.
  • Green - A refreshing tone symbolizing growth. Matches aikido, judo, or nature-inspired practices.
  • Blue - A calming color that promotes focus. Pairs nicely with qigong, yoga, or mediative styles.
  • Indigo - A mystical purple-blue evoking wisdom. Fits well with tai chi, kalaripayattu, or esoteric traditions.
  • Violet - A royal hue symbolizing spirituality. Works for internal arts, iaido, or advanced practitioners.

And spectrum also offers shades like pink, teal, lavender, mint, peach and more to fit any personality.

Spectrum Bo Staff Orange - Buki Yuushuu

Aesthetic Appeal and Practical Benefits

Beyond self-expression, the Spectrum scheme provides some functional advantages over plain colors. Its bright hues make weapons easier to spot during training sessions. This improves safety when practicing with multiple students.

The varied shades also help prevent gear mix-ups. Accidentally grabbing the wrong bo staff becomes less likely when each has a distinct color-coded grip. And for competitions, the colors make judges' jobs easier too when differentiating between combatants.

From a visual perspective, the Spectrum line simply adds vibrancy and flair to any dojo or training area. Its lively hues energize the space compared to drab monotones. Students may even find certain colors psychologically motivating before classes or forms practice.

Spectrum Bo Staff White - Buki Yuushuu
Pairing Colors to Arts and Personalities

When selecting Spectrum colors, considering your chosen martial art and personality can help you find the best fit:

  • Energetic styles - Red, orange or teal suit energetic arts like karate, kickboxing that demand dynamism.
  • Flowing arts - Yellow, pink or light blue complement graceful styles focused on fluid movement like tai chi, aikido.
  • Nature-inspired ways - Green, mint or lavender evoke the calm of nature, suiting nature-inspired arts.
  • Introspective paths - Dark blue, indigo or violet reflect inner reflection, fitting meditative disciplines.
  • Outgoing personalities - Vibrant reds, oranges or pinks match outgoing, expressive people.
  • Calm dispositions - Soothing blues, greens or purples suit more reserved, peaceful temperaments.

With its wide selection, the Spectrum line has a color that feels right for every martial artist and their path.

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Personalizing Your Gear

For an extra dash of custom flair, Buki Yuushuu offers options to further personalize Spectrum weapons:

  • Monograms - Add your initials, name or symbol to grips or shafts in complementary thread colors.
  • Designs - Incorporate simple patterns like stripes, checkerboards or geometric shapes along shafts.
  • Badges - Attach small enamel pins or iron-on badges with meaningful symbols near grips.
  • Accessories - Add colored paracord wraps, tassels or charms that suit your aesthetic.

Personalization takes the self-expression of Spectrum to the next level. It transforms functional training tools into true expressions of individual style and journey on the martial path.

Spectrum Bo Staffs - Buki Yuushuu


Whether you seek to stand out with bold shades or complement your calm nature with soothing tones, the Spectrum color scheme from Buki Yuushuu has options for you. Its wide palette brings vibrancy and flair to any dojo while providing practical benefits of safety and identification. Plus, customization choices let you infuse your own unique flair. For martial artists wanting to reflect their unique personalities and embrace both the artistic and technical aspects of their journey, the Spectrum color scheme is a dynamic choice. Buki Yuushuu's commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with practical benefits has resonated with martial artists worldwide, transforming training gear into personalized expressions of identity. As the Spectrum scheme continues to evolve, it not only paints a vivid picture of diversity within the martial arts community but also stands as a testament to the enduring fusion of tradition and innovation. So, whether you are a spirited karate enthusiast, a contemplative tai chi practitioner, or anyone in between, the Spectrum line invites you to color your martial arts journey with individuality and distinction.

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