Martial Arts Lightweight Competition Bo Staff Weapon Practice Training Launched on Ebay

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While bringing a whole new professional quality weapon to eBay’s customers for a change of pace, Martial Arts Weapons Manufacturer “Buki Yuushuu LLC,” will be celebrating the launch of its Custom Bo Staffs by adding more competition weapons to the eBay marketplace. It’s reported the event will take place on over the next few weeks.

In a space where most competitors simply offer plain wood heavy sticks with no colors of options and fail to cause much of a stir, Buki Yuushuu LLC has opted to be a little more. They are bringing a whole new professional quality weapon to eBay’s customers, with its Competition Bo Staffs launch.

Bo Staffs

Manny DeCastro, President at Buki Yuushuu LLC, says: “We wanted to bring a whole new professional quality weapon to eBay’s customers, with our Bo Staff launch because the eBay community is starving for a real professional competition style martial arts weapons. It should be really worthwhile, and we’re hoping its launch will bring an awareness of our dedication to the martial artist and their pursuit for excellence. It should go great unless people just settle for mediocrity and not the excellence in one’s self and the path that the martial arts brings.”

Buki Yuushuu LLC has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making a commotion, it’s all part of the fun. Their Bo Staffs are merely lighter, perfectly balanced, with more colors, patterns and designs, which they think is better than businesses who choose to do things the ‘regular’ way. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Buki Yuushuu LLC achieves that goal.

When asked about Competition Bo Staffs, Manny DeCastro said: “We think it’s going to be a real hit because we are competitive martial artists building weapons for martial artists. We use what we sell.”

Competition Bo Staffs on eBay is set to launch over the next few weeks. To find out more, just visit

For further information about Buki Yuushuu LLC, those interested can find out more at

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